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Обычные сутки рядового гражданина ЭлладыKids run naked in gym, a woman watches the world through a window of gynaecia, a man in a hetera or a bath. Compare your day with the usual day of the ancient Greek citizen.


Your day begins at dawn. Breakfast is short (small of simple pitted bread and wine) and passes alone (the wife lives on her half, and you face very little). After breakfast, it's time to go on business. By opening the door, you almost smashed it like that. The day ahead was filled with care: the Elenas were very difficult and even if the family had slaves working from the sun to the sunrise, it was still very early to get up, otherwise the right person at home could not be caught.

Обычные сутки рядового гражданина Эллады

Your life passes in a confined area of gynaecia. The women ' s part of the house where men have no access; the premises were so tabooed that Demosphen described the case of gynaecé robbing thieves, but no male neighbour has ever decided to go in there to help, although everyone has heard shouts and saw the way out of the house. Air is allowed in the enclosed area of the interior courtyard. It is true that your sons under seven years of age can enter the gynaec completely free (and live with you) - they are not yet considered complete men.

♪ If you belong to a living family, your house is double-deck, made of brick, covered by a turtle, and the floors of the first floor are laid with a mosaic.Обычные сутки рядового гражданина Эллады If there's a lot more modest with the means of carnage, the main materials are pressed land and trees. Anyway, the windows are small and almost under the roof. The house is surrounded by a deaf fence.


Those who have already been seven have spent time at school (palestre), where they learn reading, music, account and writing. Every school has a sports site where boys are fighting (this is an important lesson, because in the future many of these boys will become warriors). Girls study at home under the supervision of mom and babysitters. They must all know the literate, and they must be able to sew and cloth (this is not the way to make the tissue; if the woman did it, she was considered a good bride).

The good exception was Sparta. Spartan girls were trained in almost all subjects on an equal footing with boys, including arts. It is known that the attitude towards a woman in Sparta was much more respectful than the same Athens.

Обычные сутки рядового гражданина Эллады Обычные сутки рядового гражданина Эллады Обычные сутки рядового гражданина Эллады Обычные сутки рядового гражданина Эллады

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