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As long as in Russia, zoo protectors collect signatures under petitions against ill-treatment of domestic animals, the existence of which already knows the legislative system in underdevelopment, in 22 countries of the European Union, as well as in Australia and many states of the United States, such problems are extremely serious. Questions of child abuse are dealt with in separate articles developed by the European Convention for the Protection of Domestic Animals in the late 1980s.

European Convention for the Protection of Domestic Animals
Chapter II of the Convention of 1987 sets out the principles for the well-being of domestic animals. They are based on two points: " No one has the right to inflict unnecessary pain, suffering or harm on an animal, and no one has the right to abandon a domestic animal " . The Convention itself affects humanity and the area covered. The implementation of the articles is followed by both the Europeans themselves and the specially established authorities, which define the penalty: a fine or imprisonment.

The Preamble states: " A person with or agreeing to look after a household animal has full responsibility for his health and well-being and must provide him with a place to live, care and care in accordance with his natural needs and his nature and characteristics. " The owner is obliged to provide a pet in sufficient quantities of food and water suitable to him, to meet his physical needs and to take all necessary measures to prevent his escape.