Horse Ride

In our conno-sport complex, you can get your initial top-train skills. The ride is under the supervision of a qualified instructor!
Horses in a rental cart The secession is the prizes of the competition and just successful scalcunas retired. They're well-addressed and listening to the rider's team. The following horses are represented by the rental unit: Capital, Couppet, Trepet, Leader, Las Vegas, Umasel, Kama, Capelka, Kuvsinka, Nick, Talka.
The horse ride is on the pre-record.

Have you come to ride a real old carriage? It's a beautiful and fascinating show where everyone can feel royal.
Person. Kazan Karet Palace organizes Catting in carriages I'll be in solitary.

lunch break 13:00 - 14:00

Ipporom territory is located in a convenient place for visitors. This is illustrated by the secure parking areas and the proximity of public transport, the bus and trolleybus routes passing by the hip.