Horse Porridge

End tourism is a great vacation for a man. But if it is to be true, it is necessary to have obedient, healthy and cherished horses that meet the specific requirements of final tourism. Horses on turmoil should be easily obeyed by the will of the rider, successfully carrying out long-term work in different climatic conditions, moving quietly across the terrain, having the courage, indifference to the conditions of detention, and enjoying a limited number of rough feeds.

There are more than 250 exterritories of horse species in the world, of which over 40. Over the Soviet period alone, more than 10 new horses were produced: the upper-Budenovsky, therzy, Khustanai, Newkirgyz; the heavy-lifts were Vladimir, Soviet, Russian; the hierarchical-Torian and Latvian; and the productive use of Kushum. Work is under way with the Ukrainian breeding group, whose horses have already gained glory in international competitions on final sports. The ancestral breeding in our country is the result of the persistent work of many generations of people and counts in their biography of the century and even the millennium.

For example, the semi-nomalous way of life of the people of Central Asia, the constant military trails and the specific climate of deserts and semi-deserts have contributed to the creation of very valuable highlands, namely the Akhaltecian, iomad and Karabair. The horses of these breeds don't fear the depressing sun and slide out in long walks.

In the mountains of the Caucasus, the Karabakh, Cabardin, megreli, the Tsin and other species formed in a long time. These horses, like the mountain goats of the archaras, are easily overcome by mountainous obstacles, without attention to the danger, boldly down from the hills, moving along a narrow span of mountain paths at the very edge of the prophecy.

In the northern regions of the country, many horse species North forest type: Zumud, Viet, Storm, Mesenic, Yakut, Narim, etc. They're not afraid of freezers, and they're well moving high summer humidity.

The sudden, massive continental climatic conditions of the step-by-step areas of the Soviet Union, with a hot dry summer and a freeze winter, have led to the formation of a number of step-by-step species: the Dominican, Bashir, Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Zakal. They are not susceptible to conditions of maintenance and feeding.

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