начал строительство фермы

Horses Breeding

The first farm to develop Kyrgyz horses was
Established in April 2011. The project is based on a self-governing group of East Pamir, Murgab district (Tajikistan). This group consists of 10 high-profile cones and shepherds who have participated since 2007 in the seminars, meetings and field work of the Kyrgyz Ata Institution.

Beautiful Bir, 6 years old

The horse breeding farm is located in the village of Kono-Korgon, where it was specially reassigned
A winter horse. The summer and fall pastures are located in the neighbouring valley at a height of 4,200 metres above the sea level, where horses are at full freedom.

Tow Beer, 4 years old

At present, there are 1 lottery manufacturer and 3 tribes selected in Kyrgyzstan in the Nary oblast and then transferred to the Kono-Korgon village (3,600 metres above sea level). In April 2011, these three beans
There were three different males who met the criteria of the Kyrgyzian horse.

Kuron Bir, 6 years old

Members of the self-governing group of conedos are bound by the Charter, which defines the rules necessary for the preservation of Kyrgyz horse species and development of Kyrgyz horses. The aim is to gradually develop the Kyrgyz horse farm, so that
To supply the horses of the Kyrgyz breeds of other cones, the villagers and the Pastukhs of Pamir.

The establishment of Kyrgyz Ata assists in the development of this first Kyrgyz horse farm through technical support, seminars, veterinary horse observations and promotional activities.

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