Фото лошади донской породы

Horses Of Dona

Лошадь донской породы рыжая мастьThe Done Poirot of Horses is one of the oldest domestic species in the XVIII-XIXth century by the Dona Kazak in the modern Rostov region. Large upper-hull bottom horses are very stunned and uncomfortable in maintenance and feeding. They are significantly reduced to the speeds of top breeds that are divisive for races, but can overcome long distances. In a day, a horse can go up to 300 miles.

Basic characteristics of the species:

Донская порода, рыжая мастьMasty: predominantly redheaded, less rotten, gray, dark rotten, crow.

Growth in the lobby: 160-165 cm.

Exterier: Large torso with massive, slightly lengthy hull. Medium-size head, narrow and short, long neck, well-formed back, chest, long and strong legs, wide-band.

Use: At the end of athletes (competitor, runs, trieboriers, amateur sports, hobby class) in the teaching of upper-city children, in the ties (agricultural, transport).

Specialities: major growth, nuance, a strong constitution, perseverance, intransigence.

Донская породаExternal signs

Donkey horses have a big constitution. Mostly red, very often with a golden shade. There are white marks on their feet and heads. Medium-size head with small, sharply sliding ears, wide nostrils, widely displayed by big eyes. The backs are short and narrow, and the neck connection is wide, which narrows the traffic. The neck is a bit of arrogant and long, wide, and vocal. Long, wide and a little rolling rup, straight and long spanline.Донская порода Sick, well-formed back, breast-folded. Strong long legs with dense broad wrists, muscle and strong forearms. The femur corner is very open. The butterflies are long, with a slight bending, rolling joints straight and dried, but strong. Large in five, with a shiny knot.

Nature and temper characteristics

The horses of the dona species are calm, very small. Good for kids. Donkey horses are often used for upper-road training.

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