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Work Horse Content

In order to maintain the high efficiency of horses, they must be kept in clean light spaces and properly treated. The working horses are placed in simplicity bars, tribes, in dinings, where there must always be a fresh dry base. The best floor in the stable is glinobit, because the wooden man is fast. The in winter air temperature shall be between 4 and 10°, relative humidity shall not exceed 85 per cent.

Horses clean every morning. They use a scrubber, a cheek, a bitch, a straw jacket, a wooden knife. At present, in many farms, vacuum cleaners have been used and the heat of the year of horses has been useful for bathing, and water temperatures must be at least 18°. The rest of the horses should not be bought and cleaned. At the end of the job, if it's cold in the stables, the animals are covered on hand. I'll retrieve the horses as needed, but at least once, 1, 5 months. Every day after the work of the knuckle, they clean the dirt with a knive knife and clean water. The horses use standard subcards. When working on hard roads, horses ride all four legs, the summer on the ground, only for the front or not. When they're converted to pasture content, they're scattered.

Job horses can do a wide range of work in tense, underground, under the gut. Work can be light, medium or heavy. The weight of the horse ' s work is determined by the force of the traction, the mass of the rider, go to the beet, distance travelled and speed. The force depends on the mass of the goods, the type and condition of the wagon, the quality of the road, the terrain and certain other conditions. Experience has shown that the normal force of the traction during the entire day of horses is 15 per cent, 500 kg mass is 14 per cent and, 600 kg mass is 13 per cent live mass. With greater power, the horse is overwhelmed.