Спортивные лошади, тренируемый

Sport Horses

It's a big deal, and it's a big deal, and you're gonna be able to protect your hands! As long as we're saving money for this, most kids will grow up. We need to collect 160,000 roubles.
Please don't stay indifferent. ♪ ♪
There's a lot of kids in our semi-great club. We've been holding the club ourselves for over a year. We're taking classes on the top-up curve. There are sports horses among our animals that sometimes scare their sizes. There's also a Masian Oscicle in our small family. But it doesn't fit for training, but it's only for the kids, the fighters. And older girls who want to do and improve need a little miracle where they're going to conquer the world of the top ride - pony.
We don't ask for donations, but I suggest you get a pretty professional picture of our animals, take a ride on our experienced and safe horses, walk around the woods and enjoy the simplicity of Nev for your help. I mean, any amount is important to us. We'll bring seven little ponys to our "human-fighting" for starters! If the funds remain, we will improve the living conditions for our beloved horses! The record is always for everyone in the club group.
The GARANTIRUEM CERTIFICATE SPONSORA, including the upper walk, the tour of the stable, beautiful pictures.
Sberbank's map, to which you can send us the funds as a thank-you or as a purchase assistance: 5484 0155 0117 8380. Write from who. We'll send the sponsor's certificates!

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