Буланая масть

Bula Horse

- Light yellow, light-eyed Russian synonyms.

- BULANY, BULA, BULAGE (Turk). Light, slightly sulphate, black tail and mushroom (on horses). Ushakov's vocabulary. D.N. Ushakov. 1935 1940...

- BULA, ow, ow. Lot of horses: light yellow (usually in combination with black tail and mushroom); other animals, bird surgery: with yellowish different shades. B. horse. Bullshit. The vocal vocabulary of the Firegow. S.I. burns, N.Y. Schweedov... ...the bright vocabulary of the Fire.

- (Turksk) The light is yellow: it refers mainly to horses. The word of the foreign words that have entered the Russian language. Chudinov A.N., 1910... Russian language

♪ See B. V. Vinograd. History of words, 2010

- BULANIN BULANOV BULANY BULA BULA BULA BULAGE (Man of the horse). By analogy, the name could have been given to a shiny man. (F). (Source: Russian-language catcher) (Onomasticon) Russian names

- The yellow mouth of horses, from 1570 (Korsch, AfslPh 9, 493), the ukra of bulania, the same, Polish bu.any. Reciprocation is considered from the bulan, the same; sr. Mi. TEl. 1, 268, Dop. 2, 90; EW 417; Kors, AfslPh 9, 493; Berneker 1, 100. About the east of the church... the ethemological vocabulary of the Russian language, Max Fasmer

- One of the cones: the ore is yellow, yellow, different shades, but the tail and mushroom are black or dark, and the ordinary belt on the back. It's the same uterus, but without a burrow, without a belt, and with a light tail and a mushroom, it's the solo. Fishing station, ...

♪ I am. The horse (the ginger of ginger dust with dark tail and dark mushroom). Annex II The light of ginger with dark tails and mushrooms (on horse masty). Ephremov's vocabulary. T. F. Efremov. 2000 ... Modern Russian vocabulary

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