и «башкирская лошадь»

Bashir Horse

Bashir horses It's totally unique animals. In addition to being strong and graceous animals, they are also completely adapted to harsh winter conditions, because the Baskhirian horse can feed the slack grass by burying the snow. The Bashir horse is considered more agricultural than the top. She's not as dry as the top, she's got a low-crowded slice, but her legs are very strong and strong, with a strong bone. The Bashkira horses are deflected, they're very far away.
The Bashir horses, despite being the closest descendants of wild horses, are pale.
The Bashir horse is comfortable with the contents, she's unsuitable in food, feeds her underneath. The horses of the Bashir species can live in an open sky for a year, because in winter they grow a thick worm, which, unlike other species, does not need permanent cleaning.

Bashir horses It's very workable, and it's sedalmon and hide. Average dimensions (in cm): cables: height in the chole: 142, breast circumference 178, cosmetic torso length 145; lots: 143, 180, 144 cm, respectively.

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