Masty Horses

1814, France

The blade is straight, single, steel, with two doses on both sides. On the shoe, the producer ' s blade and the date of manufacture: " Manufre R.le de Klingenthal Novembre 1814 " - Royal Manufactur in Klingenthal, November 1814. On the fifth blade of military reception. The ephes of the executioner consists of manoeuvres and hards. The metal parts of the ephes have been removed from the silver bronze, part of the silverware has continued. The head of the executioner on the diagonal gallons overwhelmed with a metal wire. The head is in shape, shape, shape. The Garda consists of one basic protective and two S-like secondary-decoration panel with a " flashing cross " . The end of the cross in the form of palmette.
The executioner ' s seat is marked by a glare of a military appointment in the words "VERSAILLES " .

ABSOLUTE ARRITET (!) The fall of the Napoleon war, released by a very small party in 1814-15.

The thumb was armed with a company called black Royal Musketeers. Accordingly, the range of the executioner ' s data was between 80 and 100 units, which confirms their terrific recess!

The antique market is virtually non-existent.


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