Табун лошадей 1 деталей

Tabun Horses

On 4 October, a mother and a 3-year-old girl came to the RCBR and wrote by the republican and regional media, at the invitation of Constantine Erdineev, the head of the neurosurgery branch.

One of the country ' s best neurosurgeons conducted a thorough consultative examination of the child. It turns out that a family from a far-reaching village of Zakmen has no cause of concern, reports to the BSIP press service.

♪ The girl was taken to the ambulance hospital last July. We made her, using modern equipment, a complex bone-plastic surgery, in connection with a broken skull fracture. Then her condition was really difficult, - the doctor noted.

As Erdineve pointed out, now you can call a girl perfectly healthy. That little epidural hematoma diagnosed by doctors is not a danger. As the child grows up and ends the post-traumatic period, it must be dispersed.

♪ We understand the anxiety of moms, relatives, our birth colleagues, but for today, the health of the girl is not a matter of concern. No costly operational intervention is required. The baby responds well, she has a bearded tone of life, a good appetite. Development is age-appropriate. So, the colleagues from Mount Zakmna, DRC, thank you very much for vigilance. And my parents want to say it's not too worried. The child must be fine!

Hervène Gennadyevna ' s mother and daughter thanked the BSMP doctors for the good news and left the hospital in a good mood.

Let's remind you, on July 12th, in the village of Dutulur, the girl accidentally fell under the radar. Tabuna horseswhile her mother was distracted for a few minutes. In the fall, the girls ' parents, diagnosed after a whistle trauma inside their skull, gathered to go to St Petersburg for treatment.

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