по кругу Кони Спорт. Все

Koni Sports

О компании To date, the company has been one of the largest producers of such known producers as Bilstein (Bilstein), Koni (Kony), Kayaba (Kayba). We monitor the market on a daily basis and try to provide the best possible conditions for our clients, so on the website you will find the lowest price for the manufacturers ' data collection, with the guarantee of originality and the maintenance of the factory guarantee when we put in our technical Amortizers Kayaba (KYB), one of the most popular automobiles. Amortizers are installed at the factory on most of the European and Japanese car stamps. Kayaba ' s product has proven to be the best price, quality and technology ratio. The manufacturer offers a wide range of products suitable for both urban and off-road vehicles and sports vehicles, where precise suspension adjustment is necessary. German producer Bilstein is not so widely represented in the Russian market, but it has nevertheless been possible to establish itself as a leader in the manufacture of depreciators, suspension details, springs. Bilstein ' s product is produced on most of the vehicle stamps and replaced by the standard elements - security assurances, enhanced dynamic characteristics, reliability and durability. Every set of amortizers has been built under every model of the car, and we can state with certainty that, under your needs, we will be able to achieve the ideal dimension of the appearance, comfort and sustainability on the road of your car. In support of our words, the glory conquered by the Bilstein stamp in a carsport, which requires a jewellery of the suspension and its spectacular reliability, ensuring speed, chaining and victory. The Dutch Koni manufacturer is the perfect solution for your car when it is necessary to improve the performance of the suspension by trusting professionals. It is the Koni engineers who invented the FSD depreciation mark, which ensures simultaneous comfort on the flat road and the necessary sports management. The amortizer itself changes the rigidity depending on vehicle traffic and road conditions by means of a valve mounted inside the counter. The STR.T series is the optimal ratio of sports, management and prices, and the Heavy Track series has proven to be on extra-road tracks and difficult road conditions.

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