чехол под сапоги для конного

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  • What kind of boots do you need?

Before you go shopping for the boots, you'll figure out what type of shoes you need. Usually, they are presented with two species: elastic cords and no. The former tend to be used in jump and race disciplines. The second one is indispensable in a field trip.

  • Determine the characteristics.

There's a big choice of boots today. The technology of their manufacture is constantly improving. Many manufacturers offer shoes with a special stack comfort system (amortizers and puppeters) to make it convenient for you to wear them all day. Some have lightning in the back, which makes it easier to wear and remove high boots.

Traditionally, top-distance footwear is produced in black colour, but this trend is changing today, and it is possible to choose the color that is more appropriate to you. But before buying, it's important to make sure that the necessary color is allowed in this discipline. For example, counterfeit boots are often used in corn and rolling and are not allowed to leave. The competition provisions often specify the requirements for appearance, which are not mandatory for training.

  • Choose the appropriate size

If you choose a model of shoes, it's necessary to determine the size properly. There are several measurement options for the boots. The size should not be different from the shoe.

The full of the hollow affects the sensitivity of the skele, the boots have to sit tight, but so that you can plug the lightning, and the bridges and golfs don't form uncomfortable warehouses. Most manufacturers offer a variety of completeness options, so you can pick up the size (from the narrowest to the extra wide).

For a final choice, you need to know the height of the drumstick. Measure her from the floor to the knee bending. Then determine the size required by the special table (for each manufacturer yourself). It will be more productive to select a couple of centiments longer, as boots have the properties of being planted in the process of pluging.