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This day, the daughter of Stalin Svetlana Allilouev requested political asylum in the United States.
She left for freedom, but later, when she realized that the freedom of the Western world was a myth, she returned to the USSR. Like it was under CAT.

The daughter of Stalin Svetlana Allilouev was father's favorite. It would appear that the girl who appeared in the Wallin family was prepared with a brilliant destiny. And that's what it would be, but when the man wants it. Her childhood years were marred by the early death of her mother, who ended up with her when she was six years old. Svetlana was hiding the true cause of Mom's death, and she thought that mom died on the operating table during a severe appendicitis attack.

Stalin was too busy with public affairs, and he didn't have time to raise his spikes.

His daughter grew up surrounded by many nannies and a governess. She was driven by a personal driver. She went to school, knew English. Already as an adult, Svetlana taught others to see a strong and confident woman in her.

On 20 December 1966, Svetlana arrived in India, accompanied by Brajesh Singh ' s ashes, with whom she was in actual marital relations. She was authorized to leave the USSR by a member of the CC CPSS A. N. Kosigin.

On 6 March, she asked the Soviet Ambassador Benedictov to allow her to stay in India, but he insisted that she return to Moscow on 8 March and said that she would no longer be allowed to leave the USSR. On the same day, she came to the United States Embassy in New Delhi with a passport and baggage and asked for political asylum. ♪ ♪

" ♪ ♪ My non-return in 1967 was based not on political but on human motives. I'll remind you here that while I was going to India to take the ashes of a close friend, Indian, I wasn't going to be a defector, I was hoping to go home in a month. In those years, however, I gave my tribute to the blind idealization of the so-called " free world " , a world with which my generation was completely unfamiliar. ♪ ♪ C. Allelueva

Soon, the publication of the Twenty Letters to Friend (1967), where Allilouev referred to her father and silicon life, caused global sensation (for some allegations, the book brought about $2,5 million). She wrote this book when she was in the USSR. One copy of the handwritten was stolen and handed over to a Soviet journalist, Victor Louis, who smuggled the book to the West and excerpted it into the German magazine Stern, deliberately distorting a number of facts; the book " Just one year " was written to quote experienced professionals.

She stayed in Switzerland for a while, then lived in the United States. Turning out in the West, Svetlana, as she told herself, was immediately under strict control.