Шайр - самая крупная порода

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People out there dreamed of having big and strong horses that could carry heavy cargo. The urgent need for very strong horses arose in the Middle Ages. Don't tell me, a knight in full arms could have survived, and especially wear it, not every horse.

The mid-century knight war horse was called "destrié," which is happening from Latin dextarius, which seems to have been linked to the fact that the right side of the battle horse was usually a gunman. Destriers weighed up to 800 to 10,000 kg and even more, and grew to 200 cm.

Of course, horses with such a mass were not very rude, but they were very strong and easily able to carry their master's arm. It is from the medieval war horses that, over time, several modern horses of heavyweight, such as French persherons, Belgian bransons and English shires, have emerged. These are truly unique horse species. A huge increase, with powerful crups, they're able to move the cargo once as a modern truck.

Heavy horses even set their own records for the movement of heavy goods. So in the 1893s, a couple of heavy-duty chairs in the Nester estate, near Yuen in Michigan State, U.S.A., dragged out sanitary woods with a total weight of 42, 3 tons, almost a kilometre.

In April 1924, and England at the Wambley exhibition, a heavy cart at the Volcano mark managed to tighten the dynamometer force of 29,47 tons. And a couple of heavy-duty cars of the same species, a record tractor force on the dynamometer, 51tonna.

The horses of the heavy wagons have huge dimensions. There's champions in height and weight, too. So sampson's stud from the glory of English schires is considered the biggest horse in history. At the age of four, he was renamed Mamont for his vast size. He was 20 cm tall and weighed 1,520 kg. I wish Samson's photos had been kept. But there's a picture of another giant, it's a French persheron of Morocco's drawing of 215 cm and a weight of 1,285 kg.

Here's Brooklyn's raban braces. With a growth of 195 cm, it weighed 1,450 kg.

In Russia, too, the horses of heavy wagons have been scattered, it's a Russian carnage, a Soviet carnage, and Vladimir heavy

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