Значит, история конного спорта

End Sport History

Since the end of the Great Oktyabrian Socialist Revolution, the opening of final sports clubs and schools has been increasingly possible. Some 50 institutions have been maintained to date. In addition, all possible organizations and institutions of Soviet times included special sections and upper-circuit and sports circles, whether factories, schools, ovines, factories, etc. Every year, the country ' s leadership has conducted all-union large-scale competitions.

End sport story.
Within Soviet space, population and distribution Russian Federation They did not do so without the assistance of the cavalry forces of the Red Army, as well as the Osoaviahim Conclubs. The first competition in the USSR with horses began with army units and troops. After a time of competition and battle, horses received the title of all-out events. At the time of 1935, special clubs and communities, such as the " Controller " , " Spartacus " and " Pizvaik " , had been cultivated by Russian condoms.

At the time of 1952, Russian athletes had become actively involved in all world competitions, European championships and Olympic Games. The Council Visiting School was the world ' s leading school. A citizen of the Soviet Union, S. Philatov, received the title of the Peace Championship in 1960, and eight years after the victory of Philatov, I. Kisimov withdrew his title from Leningrad. In 1970, the champion was a woman, E. Petuskova won the first place in a horse ride. The USSR team has also received the rank of command champions, worldwide.

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