Содержание лошадей

Huge Horses

Contemporary defects include brushing, swinging from the side, anxiety (expressed by caring through a day, moving from the leg to the leg), self-damaged neck, lateral and groin.

Piece. The vice is that the horse, after grasping his teeth at the edge of the fodder, nurseries, partitions, etc., tries to air. In the next time the vice starts up, the horse wraps up the air without clinging for any teeth, that's, like, an air taste.

Reason for snack is the incorrect content (on attachment), insufficient physical load, and coverage. If there's a healthy place next to a horse suffering from the Princess, she'll have this vice in a while. Therefore, the first action to combat vice is the allocation of a separate room for horses with them. In the initial stage, the appetite can be removed by increasing the number of rough feeds (sena) and horse content on pasture, strapsing, leather or wireless mooring.

Abroad uses an original method of correcting this flaw. In the face-to-face day, horses scatter the colorful rubber objects (mouths, children ' s toys, etc.) whose role is to attract the attention of the animal and distract him from the occupation of the Priku.

In extreme cases, in order to rid the horse of the vice, she's wearing a so-called snitch. It's a leather belt which is sufficiently tightly fixed on the throat of an animal, right behind the bottom jaw and prevents it from gloating. When the belt is prolonged, a sense of action must be observed and the horse should be able to breathe normally. Since this method is considered to be quite rigid, it is only used in the last case.

It's a day off the side. This defect develops due to insufficient work or modulation in close diaries or counters. The tallness is very nuisanced by the horse and sharply diminishes its ability to work. In order to eliminate the vice, the physical loads or the release of the animal into the levad or tabuna should be increased.

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