Изабелловая масть


Лошади необычной красотыIt's hard to tell where it first appeared. Bula and soda But in ancient history, it was noted that the capital of Parfia Nis is "all horses have yellow." The direct descendants of the Greek horses, the Akhaltecians, inherited these vain and bright golden shades. The horses were with the King of Yemen. And in our condom club, you can also see the sacrament of the solubber, Limon.

But they became particularly popular at XV in the courtyard of the Spanish Queen Isabella, who was named after.

West Solo horses often called palamino.♪ There is no single opinion with regard to the word "palmino" but it may be on behalf of Don Juan de Palamino, who Cortez gave to a solo horse of noble blood. In another version, it comes from the name of the Spanish vineyard, paloma, which means "hot." In the sixteenth century, the Spanish conquistadors of the soloved horses had been taken to America, where they had a distinct type of horse, a palamine, the only segregated sign of which was soda. Antique emperors and ancient kings have given their preference to these fine horses, who have been touched with half. Palomino can't be found in Greek mythology. Philippe II's daughter, the Spanish queen of Isabella, palominos. In her honour, this vain is called " Isabella " . There is an assumption by these technicians that the word " palomano " was from Spanish " palomina " , which means either a dove or a cream horse.

The palomino's weight is very large in the shades, as just a scorched coin of gold that can be from a light-solid to a dark-sold. The tail and the mushroom are light, 75% of almost white hair. The horse skin is black, gray, brown, less sandy, but no pink stain. There are rare stains on the face and legs. The eyes are mostly black, brown or bright brown, blue or any other unusual colour disqualifying the horse.

The weight is palamino in different species, and the term "palmino" refers to the type of vain, not to the special type of horse. One of the most mysterious problems is that they can't be "probably out." I mean, when you cross horses of vain, it's palamine that the baton will be 50 per cent of the same vain. The remaining 50 per cent share light red and pseud-albinos (isabelle wheat) by 25 per cent, each uterus.

Palomino (i.e. gold) is a fairly common wool colour, especially among Spanish horses. Although America is not the homeland of these horses, the first register for palomino horses was founded, and today the formation of gold horses is very popular, especially in the north and south of America.

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