Caracal Uterus

- black colour of the torso hair, head and legs with brown lights on the face and nostrils, on the abdomen, on the grove and on the berry trees.

♪ The horse's flesh is the hair of the horse and the skin and eye. One of the main individual characteristics. Like cat and dog colors, horses don't just have paint, but a certain combination of flowers, like...

- Paint, color, hair. (Masty: barbed, bulay, brown, white, crowy, rotten, heating, isabelle, caraca, corn, corny, mice, mouse, waist, diaper, red, rag, rag, larvae, swirl, soda, grey in grams, in ears, ...Synonyms word

- Wife. (see also vain) colour, paint, wool (colour), specialty about horses; cattle rogate speaks cheek, dogs of shirt. It's one, it's not the same, it's funny. ами In maps, one of the four divisions of wells, with special signs; red vain: bubns... ...Dal's bright dictionary

- dark, dark, near-crowded, burned, yellowish in the morde and in the smells; close to a flourish which is lighter, and underground (Dal) See ...

- (1) the paint of animal hair (grid, gay, caraco); (2) in maps one of four grades: bubbles, beefs, beers and worms; (3) in a portable sense, " masty fits " means a selection in which all objects approach each other in... ...Speak of the Russian language

- Animals, colours, defined by the pigmentation of skin and skin cover (extreme hair, wool, chetin). Wild animal colours are adaptable and are usually the same within the species, with small individual deviations, ... agriculture. Large encyclopedic dictionary

- One of the main IDs. The precise definition of M., along with the description, would distinguish one l. from another. M. is an inheritance, a sign of l. and is defined by the colour of the blood hair of the head, neck, hull and limbs and the protective...

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