Владимирский тяжеловоз

Vladimir Heavy

ФестивальDate of the event:


Vladimir, Russia


Gladiator hotel complex, hiptop.


Zachymen geron, ul.

Cost of tickets:

500 roubles

Incoming ticket per day of event 700 roubles

Contacts of organizers:

Participants in the event:

Buy tickets:

Cylinders can be purchased at Vladimir, Ul. Dzerginsky 11, Max Brau restaurant and music store. 10

Press release of the event:

After a short recess, the Vladimirian Tajelovos festival will return to Vladimir land. This year ' s venue Festival The Vladimir Manure 2016 will become a former hiptop near the GK Gladiator, located in the Zaklasmena Farm. On 10 September, it will be displayed without exaggeration by the largest Vladimir Festival “Vladimirian heavy manoeuvre 2016”

Visitors are waiting for a lot of beer. Max Brau, The diverse menu of the fod-court, as well as the many “interacts”.