Владимирские тяжеловозы

Vladimir Heavy Vehicles

I got another story in my car. Publication on anonymity is a woman and it's not easy now. Orphography and puncture sub-rule for readability. And I'm not commenting, my friends. I'm not adding or removing...

Hello. Reading your article, " Business on pity " , wasted, written or not. But then I decided that someone would learn from other people's mistakes, someone on their own. Let the second one be smaller. Learn while there are others like me.
Last year, my daughter and I also bought a horse with a fight at Penza.
My daughter's been on a run from 12 to 15 years, and she always wanted to have her horse. She grew up with a girl very pathetic: we have two cats and two dogs picked up from the street. It's not like she took her home, but I didn't let her take it.
My daughter graduated from school, went to college. I learned well, I tried. I don't know where she suddenly had an obsession to save her horse. I don't know. She literally didn't get off this subject. I was trying to explain to her that we're either gonna have to move out of town and keep the horse at home, or A horse on a stable and pay for it, but she assured me she was willing to work to save horse life. 'Cause the noble, they understand it, it's so unfair!
After all, I said yes, I'm fighting for that last word.
She showed me in a horse rescue team with a cat fight she looked at. The price, according to my terms, was a huge 80,000 rub. They were half-blooded, and we had a breeding horse selling at such prices. But I thought, okay, because my daughter doesn't want a big sport. I didn't even think of looking at other sites and prices of masculine horses as you write. It was useless to have a daughter laughing at, too, and she's all on it. Save it! You'll be happy, horses saved from the fight, most grateful! Maybe it is, but we're not lucky.
The announcement said that the cat was "highest, only terrified of an unusable situation, understands why she was brought here... so sometimes she's shaking... but she's an ex-husband, she's turned on meat for family reasons... she's ill, she's gonna be able to take care of the kid... when she's in the car, she hit her leg, but when she leaves.
I won't describe the negotiations, the buying, there were invoices, but we didn't give them any meaning. My daughter made a deal. ♪ ♪

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