Лошадь, порода Американская

American Horse

American standard-breed horse, or the American Rysak, is the fastest redhead of horses in the world. The word standard in the name of the species in English translation means "standard frost”. In this case, it is not an external standard (which is the case for any species) but a cut-off standard that has been introduced for the American rats. It's the first breed in a world where the rubber selection became the main element of the settlement.

In the sixteenth century, horses in America were distributed very widely. Horse horses were used for two purposes in those times: long-range transport of goods and passengers and private travel in light convertibles (so rich burners and planters were dispersed). The last group of horses had soon been dispersed among the rest of the world: the light horses should not necessarily be strong and stunned, and they had a higher price. Moreover, among the rich coneowners, it has become fashionable to compete with the crews, so easy horses at the end of the XVIII - the beginning of the nineteenth century were finally formed as a self-sustaining breed. The fishermen have lost their economic value and have become used exclusively in sports, and the race industry has been experiencing its prosperity. As the totaliter was used everywhere, competition in this area was very tight and the benefit of a good horse was bassol. This has led to the development of United States ratsaks from the outset to focus attention and work with nature at the highest level of settlement.

Among the ancestors of the United States rats, there were eminent horses: Messenger (1780 g.r.) - the brush of a purely-blooded top rock who runs a great race (for the upper horse, it's unique!), Justin Morgan (1789 g.r.) with Arab and pure-blooded horse blood. The combination of the blood of Norfolk Rats with the blood of the upper horses led to the emergence of extremely splinter animals. The most famous kid in the nineteenth century was Gambaletonian X (1849) who left over 1,300 great lots behind. All the descendants of Gambaleton X showed great results on the hiptops, and his blood flowed in all the modern American racing.

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