Вишнево-гнедая (красно-гнедая)

A Rotten Horse

The song оеatlоеn оеanzhn Moon is a lonely tree at the brod, now with a translation. This sad, sad, even thin song touches a lot of souls, it's a song about the toast of the galmachine, the beloved girl, the family, the house. The song, the young man working on fishing, the thrilling of the belts, the belts of which fall into the body, and the canat has already smashed meat on the shoulders, climbing to the ground and digging the hay with sadness, towards the house, waiting for the beloved, and this sad is transmitted in its song to Anatoly Onatovi This song was made of the first Kalma Clip. The text came from the compendium of Thorskn .asrin dood, co-sponsor of Okon Boris B.


.asur - fall asleep.

Hatu har har m in

Hebrildg igni sangdna.

Erchmt har har ньmньd
Eminne mahan barlave,
Eminh mah bar
Evelkrlg yang sangdne.

Earthquake deer ьarx
Zegs Irgwch rumzgdnk
Zegs Irgwch Ozgdh
Zeenr, na.znr sangdna.

Har tor n brasn
Havsna Mahar Shygdnek
(Signed) Kärern KOMI
Hamaran's an Odd of the Squirrel?

.inktre cheirreté sangdne.

Svelnch har Odmn
Smvere Havsarn is safe.

Itlg hoynschart Ker Marn
And ,lärne san, pelvis,
Ilm,dai voust Belgm,
Irreid, mendran kelpschnc.

Tawn char Mör
Tahin duund trergdnare
Rogsn Belgm
There's a ounce.

Single tree at the brood

Single tree at the brood
One I kept the baby.
At least I kept the baby.
House (waters and lands)

Black Arkan (Nevoda)
I screamed.
At least I pulled the scream.
My dear friend remembers

A black archan.
The meat on my shoulders I hit.
I've lost meat on my shoulders.
It's like a lovely friend.

When I get out, I get on the ground.
Visible lower end of chakana
Even though the lower edge of the chakana is visible
My nephews and uncles are reminded.

Black silk belt
It's in the ribbon.
My dear Belg.
Where did you go?

When I get to the hay
There's an elevated hoton in the palace.
I can see an elevated hoton at the palace.
Pretty face.

Senior Negotiator standing by the last
He screams.
Addition of 10 men coming
Fitting in the side ribs(s)

A rotten horse with a face like a ballobana.
Skipping a shell, remembering her pasture.
With a soft character, my Belg.
Come, say hello to me.

Five black horses

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