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Rock Horses

Скаковые лошади Кадырова из-за санкций состарились в Чехии без делаKadyrov's horses, because of the sanctions, have grown up in Czech Republic without business
Global Look Press

However, the other horses of Kadyrov continue to participate in major pumps.
Global Look Press

Ramzan Kadyrov ' s horse, with a total value of more than six million dollars, who have been at a stable in Czech Republic for several years because of the sanctions imposed on Chief Chechnya, has come out of the perfect age race. Conejod of Arslan Shavuev described it. On 25 March, however, other scouts of the Chechen leader will take part in the Dubai Peace Cup.

The horses. Kadyrov is located in the Czech village of Krabčica near Mount Rjip, writing the Kawkaz knot with reference to the Czech edition HlídacíPes.org♪ Chechnya's head was never there. Due to the European Union sanctions imposed on Kadyrov in 2014, its three nostrils and two tribes have been unable to leave Czech borders for several years.

In the meantime, as the Shawuev conevod told, the best age of these horses to compete has already passed. "For five years, the best time has passed. The best years for a horse are three, a maximum of four years. It's like football players, they're at a peak of 30 years, too. If it weren't for sanctions, it could have been much better, she explained the interviewer of the publication. It's about scouts called Dashing Hoom, Aldar and Aldzarb.

According to Shavuev, the sanctions did not rage Kadyrov because of financial damage. He was concerned that the sanctions were punishing horses, and explained the conevod born in Mineral Waters, which had been living in Czech Republic since 1991.

Nevertheless, the other horses of Kadyrov continue to participate in major surges. The two drawers of the Chechnya head will go to the Peace Cup in Dubai on 25 March. GoldMustangpositioning himself as the "principal magazine of horses." North America will take part in a grouping of Godolphin Mile II to a distance of 1,600 metres in sand with a prize fund in a million dollars, and Cosmo Charlie in a rolling UAE Derby II of the group to a distance of 1,900 metres in sand with a prize fund of two million dollars.

The World Cup will be held at the UAE on Saturday, 25 March, at the Maydan hill of 60,000 viewers. The general prize fund is $30 million.