Как сделать рысь лошади

The Way The Horse Runs

I don't think there are people who haven't heard of football, basketball or baseball. These sports are distributed worldwide. However, local sports activities deserve your attention at least. Let's just say that people's creativity in sports won't leave you indifferent. There are competitions for any taste, from simple interpretations of popular sports to very unique games, the original of which comes to absurd. So, in front of you, the 25 most unusual sports in the world:

25. Cooperschild cheese race

Every year, a game is being played on the paintings of the Cotswald hills, where a crowd of tubes runs down the hill, chased behind the head of the Double Gloster cheese. People come from all over the world to Cooper's hill to see and even participate in this dangerous but very fun contest.
24. Hirling

Can you imagine a combination of football, baseball and hockey? And Ireland already has a game called the Hurling, which is perfect for this description. The hirler player's gear consists of a football form, a protective helmet and a wooden stick. The purpose of this game is to earn as many points as possible, throwing balls at the gate of the competition.

23. Finnish run with wives

Finland has a very funny competition in which men must overcome obstacles to their wives in a strange position to the upper legs and head down. And to further complicate the task, there are two barriers and water pits on the 250-metre lane. The prize is the number of beers equal to the wife of the winner.

Afghanistan ' s National Sport, in which players, as horses, must grab a carcase and hold it until the gate line is reached. Buzkashi reminds the polo without a club and a ball, and by the rudeness, it is compared to American football, because Buzcashi doesn't go through strikes, frogs and even shootings.

21. Italian stain.

The traditional sports game, which is exclusively for students of the Italian College in England. Some compare it to rugby or football, but it's wrong, because the Italian stitch is a completely different game where the play field is a wall. Players move along the wall and hit each other in the ball fight. If the player is close enough to the edge of the wall, he gets the right to run the ball for a purpose that can be a tree or a door. It's not as simple as it seems to be, given that the last time the goal was hit in the far north of 1909.

Jai-alai is seen by sports fans as a mixture of Badminton and Gandball. It's usually one or two. The purpose of the game is to throw the ball in the wall in the area of the opponent. And the rival, in turn, has to catch the ball in the air or in the first place from the wall. Otherwise, the player or team loses their glasses.