Conno- Sport Clubs

"Hello. You're still selling a low-cost horse? I'm telling you, I'm selling that only a skilled and literate connique that a horse is young, it's not for a freshman, it requires knowledge, patience, skills that she doesn't know iron in her mouth and whistle. ♪ ♪
I'm asking if a girl can own such a big and cost-effective animal, see if she can find an approach to it, teach NH. She says she's got enough experience, because she's been going to the final club for a year and a half, and she can even ride without a saddle. And dad's gonna keep the horse. She's a coach. What is NH?
"What are you gonna do with the horse?" I'm asking. "Well, after school, ride," the buyer says. And I'm not sure he says, "Not long. And be careful."

And those calls are tens a day. A lot of people who want to buy a causal entertainment tool that can be easily transferred to other people.
Big toy. ♪ ♪


A rental. Summer. A group of several riders is returning from the fields. The horses that rolled the clock route will shave the normal route to the house, waiting for a proper rest.
A couple of customers don't hide their dissatisfaction, rushing to the cone: "Why are we so low on the galaxy?" The instructor explains politely that horses get tired if they're long gone, that they're hot enough to have another shift... And tactically, it doesn't mention that the riders who want to wear a galaxy for an hour are so badly kept in the saddle, that the horse's back is likely to suffer from their incompetent skates.

But people are still dissatisfied: they came here to have a huge toy cheer their speeds and adrenalines, and in return they only got a quiet walk in contact with a good creature, giving them warm breath, plundering their movements, and loveing the beautiful landscapes of fields and forests.
Didn't meet their expectations with a big toy. ♪ ♪

"I've been told that you're helping with horses," they're offering me to work with a young cub. The conversation reveals that a horse lives on the precinct alone, that she has nowhere to go, that she's unusually temperamental, but that she's locked up, eating badly... It must, however, learn to act as a couch angel as soon as possible and to ride a little master son from time to time. I am cautious to say that under such conditions it is almost impossible to raise an adequate animal. And the age for a ride is small. I'm telling you, first we need to work on behavior, give horses a lot of moves, build muscles, develop flexibility, etc. It would be good for the future calibre to be directly involved in the process. "Blin, why did we buy it then?"

Why should a big, fat game pay for its physical and mental health for the illiteracy and mistakes of its owners?

It's easier to get a bicycle, for example: he can ride fast, he doesn't have to go out, he doesn't need food, he won't suffer from loneliness, he can stay in the garage for months, he can even compete!

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