Как танцуют андалузские лошади

Andalous Horses

Королевская Андалузская школа искусства верховой езды выступит на Красной площадиAs part of the traditional participation of the Kremlev High School at the International Military Music Festival of the Spask Tower in 2015, the Royal Andaluz High School of Art was invited to attend.

Royal school riders will speak with a show-to-day program, "How the Andalous Horses dance." It's a real 18-century ballet, accompanied by Spanish music. The show is based on choreography from both classical and cowboy trips and traditional riding.

The show, which some critics consider to be the world ' s best final ballet, has been recognized in many countries around the world. Only those who have the opportunity to witness the show can believe what he sees as the riders and the Andalus horses, working in a music tac, admires us with the most harmonious and beautiful artistic creation we can imagine.

The " How the Andalus Horses Dance " programme comprises four blocks:
• cowboy ride: It is a discipline in which the rider, holding the same hand, moves around the manifold with a rat or a shell, changing rhythm and showing directions and rotations. The type of top ride, such as a cowboy exit, is used for a cattle paste.
♪ Classical exit: Horsadi displays the exercises of the High School, synchronized by various motions under the accommodation of classical music.
• Dressura: Demonstration of traditional elements of the dressur, such as: Capriol, Pyafé, Spanish step and work with a horse on long grounds.
♪ Carusel: In conclusion, horses and riders, groups, demonstrate the skills of the top drive of greater complexity.