карьеры лошади коневоды

What Is The Annual Cost Of The Horse

Lasque, general. Good. Skilled. Prospects are for both corn and exit. Merinda's mother, Howard's father. Selling or changing for a perfectly floating pony class horse (up to 150 cm under the baby) can be paid. Invite all participants
I don't know.
To participate in this competition:

1. You need to come up with the most complex, most diligent question of horse-related matters, and ask it in this section of the forum to other contestants.

2. To write the right options, in your opinion, for answering the questions of other contestants.

The winner is the author of a question that will not be answered by 21 March!

Ask questions. Perhaps you will be the author of the highest-ranking question!

Good afternoon.
My name is Karina Mason and I'm the official of the largest and most prestigious farms in both Denmark and Europe, the VIEGARD.
Our head is about 1,000 horses. Every day, about 200 horses, the rest of the matching head and the young man.
Our horses aren't just good, but unique in their kind, not every horse can brag about that number of champions, from the last victory, our horse became the champion of America 2010, 3 of our lots Denmark.
The mattrimony head consists of the cats that are the sisters of the Olympic champions.
We invite students to upgrade.
Tell me, come and see for yourself.
At this point, we are reducing the MATTER head(s)
contact group
half-blooded, traken, high-blooded, clean horses for races, sports, education. How do you protect the stable from thieves?
For the majority of the world ' s adherents, the problem of the theft of horses, amunition, etc. is familiar. What can be done to stop this process?
The first thing that comes to mind is massive fences, strong gates and secure locks.
There are a few cases where the horses were taken out of the fence... if you need help and search for a missing horse, if you lost contact with your fourth friend and don't know his new location. ♪ ♪ End store. Preparing sorno-sell products. Sedlo, hide (shall) the exit and the work, the wheelchairs, the carriages, the substrates, the chiefs, the fence, the swallows, the homouth, the troika on the pony, the horse and the horse. Leather, cheese, kirza, tenta, wool on the order of Deng isn't much, but I want to have a good head. The end walk on the spring forest will be an unbearable gift of love on 8 March.

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