Занятия с лошадьми

What Is The Cost Of Horse Maintenance

The content of his horse is a very expensive pleasure, especially if the direction is a sporting achievement. If a horse is needed for the shower, just to train fields and forests here is another price.

Necessary package of services
We'll figure it out first. In order to achieve what results are needed, suitable conditions for maintenance and training are also necessary. Now there's a lot of VIP complexes where the cost of leaving and the horse's stalemate passes over 30,000 roubles, but it's possible to find a stable and cheaper way, but it's necessary for the stable to have a manoeuvre, in wintertime, and any indifference it's very necessary. In Moscow and the Moscow region (in 20 kilometres from the ICAD), small private conjunctions (clubs) will cost between 15,000 roubles and feed and horse care. In many clubs, there are so-called " boxes " , this is a wing space with a diameter of about 20 metres. The price of such a stance will cost some 7,000 thousand roubles and both in Moscow. But you don't turn around like that, you don't have a smoke and you don't have a trip. This will be more appropriate for riders who don't want sports achievements.

Additional costs for coach, valley, cone

Well, that's the club, now it's past. of the horse We're still gonna need a coach, and there's a very large range of prices here, ranging from 5,000 to taller, as they say. A horse is also required to be wrapped and cleaned a month and a half, an average of 3,000 roubles.
If it's tight in time, it's bound to need a horse, it's cured in your absence for a horse. And cleans up and sat down to your parish and scatters after practice, takes a walk in the lava and a lot of other things.

And if you can't even come to the horse every day, you have to use the bra, that's the man who's gonna work with your horse in your absence. The horses need to move every day. On average, 3,000 roubles are taken by a mere Bereiter, but if you need a specialization burial burial shoreer (competitor, exit) it's an average of 10 to 15,000 roubles.

It's just as the service personnel say, and there's a need for more delicious food, feeding, vitamins, cosmetics to care for the horse and amunition, especially for sports, and that's about 3,000 roubles a month. There's also a need for veterinary surveillance periodically, but it's not so much money if your horse is healthy. Treatment, and especially surgery (no God of course) doesn't have to be spoken, may cost 1,000 roubles and infinity.