Лошади в конюшне

Methods Of Horse Breeding

Necessary work is a complex set of interconnected zoo-technical and organizational activities aimed at improving horse heritage, obtaining, through appropriate methods of breeding, selection and selection of animals with the highest productivity and ability to transfer valuable economic and prosperous characteristics.

The main objectives of tribal work are to increase horses ' residences of upper and redheaded species, to improve sporting qualities, to increase the capacity of the cargo and to remove heavy-duty horses from the horses.

An important place in tribal work is the assessment of producers on the quality of their descendants, the holding of bonuses, the strict selection and scientifically sound selection of couples.

The results of heavy-duty tests can be an example of good tribal work.

Table 2. Test results of heavy horses at the All-Union competitions (Losevic L. 1990)

Nature Result of 1960 Result 1990 Output improvement
Maximum thrust (kg)
Soviet heavy

Russian heavy

792, 0

779, 0

888, 0

869, 0

96, 0

90, 5

Flexibility (extened metres with power of 300 kg)
Soviet heavy 1035, 70

213, 20

2131, 17

1091, 60

1095, 47

878, 40

Cargo speed by step 2000 m, force of traction 150 kg (min/s)
Soviet heavy 15.21, 6

17.00, 0

11.51, 8

13.00, 0

3.29, 0

4.00, 0

Training and testing of horses

Training refers to the systematic work of different allures, varying intensity and duration in order to prepare them for the tests to identify inherited qualities that are important for tribal work and for the improvement of cone.

The tasks of the training and pulmonary tests of horses depend on the purpose of breeding a species. For example, training and testing of purely-blooded upper horses helps to detect and further increase their galop cutting, the horses of ginger breeds allow for the development of correct, coordinated racing movements, russeting and extinction, and the heavy-duty peak force of traction and cargo.

Training and testing is an important part of tribal work. They provide an opportunity to assess objectively the work capacity, the interior and constitutional qualities of horses and to select the best for tribal use.

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