Фризская порода лошадей в

Fried Horse Breed

The Artist of the End Theatre of Arena is the Ridge of the Frisian Grafit.
Delivery from the Netherlands
Nature of horses ejected into Frislandia, province in the north of the Netherlands.
Released in the sixteenth to fifteenth centuries by intersectioning Spanish horses with a heavy, cold-blooded horse during the occupation of the Netherlands by Spain. In the West, these horses are sometimes called black pearls, because the Frisians are one of the most beautiful and unusually tense species of the world. The species of Frisian horses was twice on the verge of extinction, but was rescued by Dutch cones.
This exotic pond appeared in Frisland Province in northern Holland. The first reference to the fries comes to the thirteenth century. In 1823, King Wilhelm I set up an annual Frisian run called the Royal Hlasta Day, the winner of which was awarded a gold whistle. 1985 Friese porridge of horses I've filled up the Royal stables. Since then, they have decorated the hijacking of the royal crew of Queen Elizabeth at the opening of Parliament. The Frizas were part of a six horses loaded into the royal carriage at the opening ceremony of the World Con Games in The Hague in 1994.
# Soon at the opening of the Aren's final theatre in the Knight Tournament, we'll introduce you to this handsome man.

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