Arab Horse Breed

How to make contact with the horse, where to begin.

Part 1.

Lesson 1. The horse. Why would he want that?

A lot of newcomers are trying to contact a horse like they would do with a cat or a dog. The glacier, the whispering of the luxury layer, the treating. Old horses in these receptions immediately recognize the beginnings and may even take them away from the expressions of “necessary”. Don't try to sneak around, but don't be rude. Be the first of all. And the horse will let you all. Keep an eye on the mime horse. Her face is very remarkable. A long neck, shattered teeth, attached ears are threatening. Remember what a horse sees forward and back. Going to her, try to see her eyes, ears. Click her, whatever. The sound of the voice is important. Don't scare me. Despite the high growth, horses, like all the goat, are very susceptible, panic. The servants of the horse play a bigger role than vision. Voice is one of the most effective factors in communication with the horse. If the horse's head turns to you, and the ears are worth a stick, you're brave. Don't pull your hand in advance with your slack or treating. Just come over and shut the horse around your neck, say a few words. Why don't you clap, not smooth? People and horses have different response thresholds, different skin thickness. When the horses hang each other's teeth with the choking teeth, the efforts made in doing so could rip the skin off.
Don't go to a stranger's horse either front or behind. It's a bite, and the ass is lying. The safest place is the side. With the horses, it's accepted to communicate with the left side of the horse. On the left, on the left, on the left, on the left, on the left, on the left. During cleaning, the saddles keep looking at your head. Like ears, like eyes. Talk to the horse. The new ones often hit extremes. Either they start to shine or they treat the horse as a gymnasium. Both can lead to conflicts. Try to be calm and confident. The negligence can be given to the horses. Most horses, long-standing " learning " newcomers, do not receive any pleasure from this exercise. And as part of your determination. ♪ ♪

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