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My new photo album, The Last Suction of the Last Chancellor of the Great Principality of Lithuania.
Shorsa village of the Novokhrod region of Belarus.
In the central square, we meet the bush of N.A. Shorsa, which has nothing to do with this ancient village, the Uniat temple, later transferred to the Orthodox Church, a monument to the fallen Soviet warriors... and... the slaughter of the counts of Hreptowich...
Today, in the focus of my objectiveiva, the name of the Counts of the Chreptovic, the largest in the Great Principality of Lithuania in XVIII. Communism was successfully built with a human face, literacy, art and management skills were taught to farmers in the last words of science, and the cheese trusted to lie exclusively to Swiss masters.
" Freedom of business, or the construction of communism in XVIII in a separate name " , this phrase could be described as " landing " . Joahima Hreptovic is perhaps the most famous person from the Belarusian Magnatian species, whose representatives have held public and administrative positions in the Great Principality of Lithuania for centuries.
He was born in the name of the Jasenic (now Baranović district) and was well educated and successfully promoted through the career ladder: in 23, he became a new-grand sonic, in 29 years by a colonel of the Grand Principality of Lithuania, and shortly by a Marshal of the ICL General Tribunal, headed diplomatic missions in Paris and Vienna. He was also one of the co-sponsors of the Education Commission and has been commissioned by the Department of Academy and Schools of ICL. From 1780, I. Kreptovic was led by the Royal Group of Magnats and Schles in ICL, became Minister for Foreign Affairs in 1791 and, in 1793, the Chancellor of the Grand Principality of Lithuania.
On the outskirts of the landing, about one and a half kilometres, in the second half of the twenty-first century, the so-called " Warehouse of Chreptovices " was built for economic needs and workshops which were held in lock-up style.
In the nineteenth century, the economy was already a multi-sector agro-company. The fields were undergoing meliorative work: the glynic drainage tubes produced their own brick factory. For the first time, field shifts were introduced. In addition, for the first time, a closed cycle of raw materials processing (fill flour) was used. The ponds were not only a recreational place, but also a fish breeder. The names were made by a rapist, butterfly, water sprinkler, three mills, from which the purveyers sent flour to different cities in Russia. Furmages, telegies, wheels.

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