Случка жеребцов Казахстан

The Formation Of Horses In Kazakhstan

In Central Asia, for example, the conin was eating with deep wood. The nomadic tribes have been introduced into this custom. First, horses have always been in hand, and secondly, their meat is rapidly absorbed and has a cohesive effect. Medics say that the conin is the most ecologically pure meat, it has the highest protein content with the perfect balance of amino acid. It reduces the amount of cholesterol in blood, regulates the exchange of substances in the organism and even neutralizes the effects of radiation. It also contains a mass of useful vitamins and micronutrients. In short, the conin is capable of replacing a full diet. She's also hypoallergenic and she can be given to children.

Who eats the horse and who doesn't eat?

But besides Asians, not all peoples are willing to eat conin. In some Western European countries horse meat They think they're disgusting. According to historians, this myth is linked to Napoleon's invasion of Russia. During the French troops ' retreat, starving soldiers were forced to eat horse fall using powder instead of spices. Many of them poisoned... Although, these days in France and Germany, horse meat is added to the sausage. In Spain, you can meet him in all the big supermarkets. Separate dishes from the coin are produced in Belgium, Italy, Japan, Serbia, Slovenia. In Hungary, horses are specially fed. In some Catholic countries, since the Middle Ages, there has been a ban on the use of conin imposed by the German Archbishop Bonifacia and Pope Rome Grigori III for missionaries. The fact is, in the ancient Scandinavia, the use of conin was part of God Odin's pagan worship. In 1,000 years, the Church ' s fathers were able to lure. Iceland is the only Christians who promised not to ban the eating of horses, so the Icelanders loved her! In fact, it was the basis of their food. Indeed, the ban was subsequently introduced. But until our days, he's never made it, and now the horse meat is very popular in Iceland. Judeas also do not eat conin for religious reasons: they can only use meat of gum and hairy animals, such as goats, cows and sheep. In England and the United States, the meat of " spoiled " animals is prohibited. In addition, many Europeans fear that there is a conin because they believe that there are harmful substances, the products that lead horses. In Australia and New Zealand, conin is not part of the code of food standards defining the term " measo " . The gypsies, as well as the people of India and Brazil, refuse to eat horses because they consider them to be their " lesser " .

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