Алтайская порода лошадей

Natural Formation Of Horses

The issue of agricultural animal breeding is one of the main issues of zoo-technical science and practice.

The question before zootechnicians could always be whether the existing species should be cleaned up and improved without intersecting with other species, or whether the valuable properties of other breeds should be used to improve the availability more quickly.

Livestock science and practice have developed a number of agricultural animal breeding techniques, the main ones being: (1) clean development and (2) cross-section.

More detailed classification methods of development may be presented as follows:

Чистопородное разведение, разведение по линиям и понятие о современных селекционных программах

Net (or purely natural) in the zoo is the method in which animals belonging to one species are evaporated. The scientific concept of clean breeding begins at the end of the middle ages, when individual species of animals need to be isolated from others and developed without mixing them with other species, with a view to looting variability within the species and giving it some uniformity both by form of bodywork and by nature of productivity. At that time, the opposite method was known: crossing.

Livestock practice is known to be a frivolous tree, but it was spontaneous, based only on the geographical isolation of one species from the other, and only in the medium-century, it became more consciously applied by the Arabs.

The objectives pursued in a clean manner are not simple and are not reduced to one-time forms, freely multiplied further without the use of selection and selection.

Given the complex structure of the breed and its inherited heterogeneity, the biological and economic features created by all previous tribal work, the main objective of pure breeding must be to see the preservation of the values of the breed as such and to further rapidly improve it in the chosen direction.

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