Интересные факты о лошадях

The Most Beautiful Horses

The horse in Chinese tradition is a symbol of glory, glory, good taste and determination. The 2014 symbol is a blue wooden horse. On the eve of a big holiday, we will recall the beautiful and unusual species of horses that have been produced in different countries for sport, war, hard work or just for beauty.

Bolives for two

Thieves with hairy legs and a whipping mushroom are fries. The pride of the Dutch cones. The three main signs of breeding are frissy, are the most charming nipples around the goat, the causal uterus, and the special manner in which to carry the seeds. The cat's got a little mark, a star. There's no mark on the stalls. The horse growth is over 150 cm. Allure's soft, but the animal's better suited to hide.

Friesian horse is a tall and long-distance brunette. The animals are massive and large, but they look royal. Long back is often soft for riding. The shell's molten, but wide. A big, long head with a long ear, beautifully insulated neck.

Also, Rome's stories mentioned fries in the first century of our era. The species was recorded at the beginning of the 13th century. Genuine was removed by crossing Spanish horses with Dutch heavy cold blood. In the West, they are sometimes called black pearls.

Fries aren't crazi. In the medieval, these " modelled " animals were buried in knights. And the horses themselves were in heavy lattes. It's all right. The two Bolivarams were helping the genes of the elders of the heavy vehicles.

Surprisingly, but a beautiful fries can be bought. Blacks will be between 400 and 700 and over 1,000 roubles.

English giants

Shaira is a British heavy-duty carcasm leading to combat knights, descendants of the horses of the Roman conquests. It's one of the oldest breeds.

The sheds have a massive head with a wide face, a medium size of the ear with sharp tips, a short, well-sewed neck, muscle shoulders, a short, strong back, a wide and long rup, a sufficiently high-end tail, strong legs, deeply stunned by a goat, a huge and strong bone.

The horses of this species are considered to be the highest in the world (165-185 cm in the lobby, sometimes up to 219). The title comes from English, county. The type of species varies greatly, from the horse of extraordinary size and weight, which is only a step for driving, to large and wareable, fit both in plugs and in the air. The power is varied; bald on the head and white stockings are common, more often on the rear legs. All parts of the body are developed proportionally.