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The Most Beautiful Pictures Of Horses

Жеребец Аннихелейтор, фото породы лошадей фотографияAnnihilator was sold in 1989 for $19,000.000. His distinctive feature was a great chocolate colour, a beautiful mushroom and a great speed.
Seattle Dancer is a purely English scout. In 1985, this horse was auctioned at a start-up cost of $13 million. Of course, the parents of the lottery were champions of different international competitions.
Secretariat (Secretariat) is a legendary purely English rib who has been able to bring their owners income after death. In 1972, the owner of the two-year Secretariat syndicated it in the amount of $6.08 million. In the mid-1970s, this multi-time winner of competitions and record-times was worth more than his own statue of pure gold.

Mystic Park (Mystic Park) - American standard horse. She possessed good quality, and was sold for $5,5 (on other data, $5,25) million.

The Pine Chip (Pine Chip) was sold for $4,000.000, no wonder, at the beginning of the 21st century (2000), it was a record of rats and aliens at a distance of 1 mile. Pine Chip beat her in 1, 51 minutes (Record 1994, USA).
Sardar's pure upper stallion is a multi-time champion, record player and one of the world's most expensive stallions ($3,5 million). On the account of this horse, at least eight records, including the best time at a distance of 1,500 m (1.30, 0c), which Sardar showed at the 2nd summer age of the 1965 competition in Russia.
The end of Silac's name is the heavy import of Belgian species. In 1917, he was acquired by an Australian builder of I. Good for $47,500. Silac and today is the most expensive thing in history.
The estimate is an Arab skunk. It was bought for 60000 roubles, but it was in 1774. That amount was just huge for that time. The estimate was a very beautiful color that made it his name. It should also be noted that the horse itself was bought by Count Orlov. As a consequence, Methnka became one of the natives of the Orlovian redhead.