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How To Take Care Of Horses

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The horse ' s weight can be determined by the empirical formula A. Motorina: weight (kg) = breast grab (see) *6 - 620. This formula is the most accurate formula for determining the weight of semi-colonial horses up- a tense type. Here's another formula for calculation: weight (kg) = breast circumference (cm) *C where K = 2, 7 for lung upper horses; K = 3, 1 for medium horses; K = 3, 5 for heavy horses.



" The face is much more generous than human beings, given by instinct and physical feelings. The truth is, a man often exceeds her sight, sometimes his mind. But he hears a horse better than a cat, smells like a dog, by the time and by the weather change, it's as sensitive as a rooster; in memory of places, events and impressions, it's not equal on the ground; it has a sense of speed as much as a circus zongler or a high-end ballerina.