Замер подковы

Horses For Horses

In the Yosemitic National Park in California, there's an impressive natural virtue called the Horsetail Fall. Such an unusual name is the ordinary seasonal waterfall, the winter and early spring fall on the eastern side of the mountain of Al-Qapitan. The most interesting beginnings in these parts at the end of February. In just a few days a year, visitors to the park have the opportunity to see a rare phenomenon - the transformation of conventional water flows into a fire-fighting waterfall, which resembles a volcanic lava. In fact, this natural phenomenon is a spectacular deception, the secret of which is hidden in the reflection of the rays of the coming sun at a certain angle and under favourable weather conditions. The lights, the dusty flames in the burning water from the mountain create a truly apocalyptic landscape. The unusual effect lasts only a few minutes, but travelers and hunters for unique personnel meet regularly at Mount Al-Qapitan to see and seal the amazing illusion.
The Horse Horse Horse Tender is two low fluxes - the east has a height of 470 metres and the west is 480. It has a total height of 630 metres. The natural phenomenon, which is often referred to as the " burned waterfall " , has been referred to as unforgivable, from the 1872 to the 1960s, the employees of the hotel at the top of Mount Al-Qapitan have regularly held night shows - removed from the edge of the ruptured coals, creating a simulation of the February dusting effect. But tourists didn't report that it was just an essay. In 1968, this method of attracting visitors was prohibited by the National Park for security purposes.
On the legend, on the rocks, near the beginning of the waterfall, there was a house of a sparkly blacksmith who had the best horses. One day, during the heavy rains, the cousin and the master were washed off. Since then, every year, the waterfall has become the color of the gland, like someone wants to remind themselves again.