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Where You Can Ride Horses

In addition to upper-circuit training, the competition complex offers athletic activities - competition, exit and voltage (this word is for sure only pros, this is acrobatic exercise on a moving horse). The club also conducts I.P.T. classes (and this is a rehabilitative tool with a high-end treatment ride). For training, 8 open fields with international requirements, 2 sheets and a trail are equipped.

Maria Chulkova

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♪ I started working at Bitz at 10:00. There's everything here for the comfort of the rider-- helmets, boots, showers, locker rooms, coffee shops on any wallet. When I started to study, the choice of the COP was small, and the Bitz was the best option. There's a taste class here. For those who have never sat up, there are introductory and individual classes, and for the more confident, classrooms and specializations. Everyone here can choose a convenient training schedule without sacrificing the basic life. Novices will be advised to choose the right clothes, not to be afraid to ask questions to the coach, because without them there is no way to learn anything new, not to buy horses without permission, to read the rules carefully, not to fear or give up if the purpose is sports. For one-time walks, unfortunately, the Bitza doesn't fit, nobody's gonna let you go without escort, and there's no field here except for the training. A lot of people will think about walking in the woods, it's forbidden to riders at any level.

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