Каспийская лошадь, пожалуй

Creation Of Czech Warm-Blooded Horse Species

Чистокровная лошадь на ипподроме Churchill Downs, СШАClean upper horse - a purely-blooded top horse breed in England. Initially, these horses were called English nomadic, but since they began to be developed around the world, it has been decided to change the name of the species.

General nature

Like a skunk, has no equal. The flesh is usually rotten or red, less dark grey, caraco, gray and crow. Growth is preferable to medium; the large breasts and the special beauty factories are not chased. In their view, the most beautiful in shape, as well as in horse ' s venom, are weaker in steepness and power and come down to the pole by the latter. For good scout, the depth of the shell, the length of the rear shell, the possible strong development of the straw muscles, the long shoulder and ribs, the shattered breasts and a somewhat whispered cross. The species is very fast.

чистокровные лошади на травяной дорожке

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