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Main Horse Species

porody loshadejGood afternoon, dear readers! You and I have all seen horses, many of us have not once admired this beauty. Therefore, the topic of our article today is the basic species of horses.

To date, there are more than two hundred horses in the world, of which fifty are in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

The species of horses, as well as sheep, are classified according to various indicators that distinguish three major groups of these animals:

- First group. This aggregate includes the species of horses that have been evicted by human efforts under the conditions established by it.loshad'_orlovskoj_porody Horses are highly functional. Four other types are identified in this group: tensile, tensile, upper, upper and upper.

- Second group. The horses are also ejected by humans, but their living conditions are somewhat similar to natural ones. Such animals have the same working capacity (upstream and upper) but vary in biological quality. It is this indicator that contributes to the following types: step, mountain, southern deserts.

arabskaja_poroda_loshadej♪ Third group. The species of horses that came into this group were formed by artificial and natural selection under conditions that are as close as possible to natural. Animals are not specialized for productivity, they are usually workers. The main characteristic is their adaptation to the environment and its distribution areas: northern forest, step-by-step, mountain, island fields.

In addition, new horse species are now being removed. End sporttourism and meat.

loshadi_porody_frizThe most common horse species are:

- The horse of the horloves;
- Arab frost of horses;
- horses of fries;
- a horse of a donkey.

Horse of the orles

The Horse of the Orlovian species is an animal that belongs to a flavour type of horse that you can't find around the world.

The horse was removed at the end of the eighteenth century at the direction of Count Orlov by crossing several horses (Meklenburg, Arab, Danish and others).