Конно - спортивный клуб

Conversion Sports

Friends! Our regular clients returned a few days ago from their regular trip. This time they went to a vacation house in Podmoskovje where they had a great time! That's what they write and what pictures they send! Thank you so much for the details.

"Sasha, hi. About vacation. We had a nice rest, thank you. The Swedish table would be beautiful. Three saunas: Russian, Finnish, weed. The pool is very warm, in 30-33 degrees, in the water. The baby pool was hot. The kids were swimming as much as they wanted, they didn't override what was important. A 45-55-degree sauna was comforting for children. Finnish 120 degrees. Russians are smaller than degrees, but it's got super hot. Visiting spa is not limited in time, but only once a day. Children's animation, aquagram, children's room, but why there was very little animation for children. Like we weren't there, people came in for one or two days and drove away, which means they changed all the time. There's a lot of things in the park for children and sculpture figs, and crues, really paid. There's a mini-zoo, free. And the Pegs Conno Sports Club, many horses, We were riding on a horse.♪ The number's worse than Zar. But still very good. The staff are polite, smiley. They actually took a good rest. Thank you. There are two restaurants in the Territory, minus that... to eat, you have to go outside. At the Sugar Cranber restaurant, Friday, Saturday, Sunday lead and some artists went there twice. It's cheap, but it's good. People come for 24 hours, celebrate their birthdays and leave. Actually, everything's fine.

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