Ботинки детские

All For Final Sports

Many people come to the video game hall in the People ' s Park Zone. It was opened in 2013 to the Day of Victory in the Father ' s Liberation War (27 July 1953). It's equipped with dozens of devices for video games such as hunting, velogan, chopper, tank fight, snoobord, helicopter shooting, virgin wood shooting, motor boat race, congestion, etc.

In front of these devices, players become the pilot, the driver, the rider, the hunter in the virgin forest. Half a tank fight attracts the attention of young people who love courage. The fire in the virgin forest is carried out on a tense background. The shooting of insects in the jungle opens an acute situation on the screen. The hunter clearly feels the pleasant return of the gun.

Many people like the Hunt, especially the elderly. As they say, there's no hunter who didn't catch a tiger in youth. And here, old hunters don't keep a smile of pleasure when the bullet hits the target. A lot of young people and young people are gathered around a unitary system where players compete in strength and mind.

There's a snoothing in another place, making it feel like the player's sliding on the white snow plates himself. There are also many funny scenes that attract especially children and women. The head of this room, Park Sung Hee, said:

♪ Our people don't just like skate, ski and end sport♪ And there's a lot of people coming to our hall.

There's a feeling in the motor boat race that it's going fast, slashing waves. Velogocans and car chases are organized according to the psychological characteristics of children and always attract many children. The employees of this hall serve the visitors who come here to enjoy a pleasant vacation.

According to the rehearser Kim Jong Hyuk, the room works not only during the day, but until the late evening, and many people come here after work. There are special buses for them, and there are domestic service stations around the room. There are also compatriots living abroad and foreign visitors.

Foreigners are surprised that video game services in the Hall are very cheap given the investment in its construction. Employers have told us that in our country, the people ' s case are not counted first.

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