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Celebrity Net Worth has done tremendous work by providing all known information on gonorrahs, real estates and resignations during divorce of known models. Then they took out the taxes, the fees of managers, agents and the way of life of beauty.

As a result, a list of the 20 most viable models was available. Don't expect to see young women here like Dautzen Cruz and Miranda Kerr.

This list mainly merged the veterans of the model business, known not only for the work on the podium, but also for participation in various kinds of TV show, movies and musical projects, and some have become famous as a designer.

In addition, most of these women are owners of their own businesses.

20 seats: Cheryl Tigs, $14 million

Cheryl started a career in a model business at 17 years. In the '80s, she released her own dress line, filmed. Although Cheryl Tigs has already been in the '60s, it remains extremely active and business-- runs a number of business projects and regularly shows up.


Started a career at 17 years. She was filmed in the Freedom Highness, participated in music projects.

17: Natalia Waternov - $16 million

Started a career at 15 years. Founded its own foundation for the construction of children ' s spaces in the provincial cities of Russia.

16: Linda Evangelist - $18 million

At 15 years, Linda became a winner of the local Miss Niagara beauty contest and received a proposal from the New York Agency Elite. She owns a wing phrase: " Less than $10,000, I won't even get up from bed. "

15: Christy Tarlington, $18 million

Started a career at 13. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with horses and started working in a model business, thinking about picking up money for class. end sport

14: Iman: $25 million

Started a career at 20 years. The five languages are Arabic, English, French, Italian and Somali. I studied political science at the University of Nairobi. In 2007, Iman opened her own brand of a network of domestic purchases. It is also the Director-General of the Cosmetics Company IMAN Cosmetics.