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Academy Of End Sports

Академия конного спорта (Jewel)This new, unusually realistic game is dedicated to a great sport, a styp-cheese, or a hindrance. That there are bicycles, rollers and scooters... There's no such thing as a grey horse. Beautiful, fast as a wind and a proud horse, no one will call a simple means of movement. It's a loyal comrade who listens only to the most dignified, bold and fair.

Go to the end sport academy and learn to win with the worst skunk! Choose your best horse and go to training, on painting fields and well-built rides. Visit the lectures with the academy comrades and pass the exams to get better on horses.

The rider's simulator will teach you to stay in the saddle and do all the tricks. Your long-grandfamous friend needs to be well cared for, but that's the only way you can achieve better results together. Get a great team, shiny distances of any weather, and you're winning all the championships!
Game for children from eight years.

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Product characteristics:

  • The Virtual Academy of Upper Drive is becoming a real athlete.
  • Go on one trip or join the championship.
  • Obstacles -- 12 unique distances
  • Overtake different terrains and difficult weather conditions
  • Choose a horse in the shower, but remember, she needs to be taken care of!

System requirements:

  • Microsoft web Windowsig XP SP2/Vista
  • Pentium web III 1, 13 GHz or similar Athlonite XP
  • 512 MB operational memory
  • 700 MB free on hard drive
  • 3D-videoadapter with 128 MB compatible with DirectXO 9.0c (GeForce FX5200 or Radeon 9600)
  • Sound device compatible with DirectXO 9.0s
  • DirectXO 9.0s (at a disk with a game)
  • CD-ROM reading device

CD-ROM " Academy End sport (Jewel)
1 CD
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