Ищу техничного и сильного

Lease Horse

It is proposed to lease the Tracken 11-year-old measure 168 cm in the lobby.
Under an adult rider, middle level of training, no newcomer will fit.
It's two or three times a week.

For a walk in the field Smokingor you can just drive and upgrade your top riding skills.

For a walk in the field/forest, it starts right outside the gates of the stable, different routes, 1-3 hours, the horse goes alone and in the company. We're going to the field all the time, so we can join.

Opportunity from O to start! It's perfect to teach the coconut.
The rival jumps to 110 cm in the longer term (Spr 130). It's a hunting thing that doesn't need to kick, jumps almost everything, jumps out, doesn't throw up or wear, soft jumps.
Visits to the competition are welcome.

Training an active athlete, Coach Klicks on the conquor.

The Knight is in the Vackino CC of Chekov, possibly getting out of a bus mask, a convenient road trip without traffic. On a vehicle from CAD 30-40 minutes to the gate of the stable

On the stable plaque with the Eurogrunt, the manoeuvres, everything is covered and rolled out/strikes every day.

For you, the rest room, the opportunity to leave things, the bathroom and the shower with hot water, a comfortable café with home food.

2 times per week 7 000

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