Строительство конюшни

Horse Content Standards

Both the deficiency and the excess in the diet of the dry matter adversely affects the motor and secrecy activities of the digestive organs, the overfishing and nutrients of the fodder and, in general, the health of the horse.

The power supply of the horse is determined by the amount of exchange energy per 100 kg of live mass or head per day and is expressed in megajouls - MJ. Adult workers ' demand for energy exchange is an average of 18-25 MJ, a young man has 21-28 MJ per 100 kg live mass. In the event of a breakdown in the energy exchange, work capacity is declining, growth is delayed and other adverse effects are observed. Need for protein. It is necessary for the growth of a young woman, the recurrence of worn tissues of an adult horse, the formation of milk from lacturing cobs, and the synthesis of enzymes, hormones, immune bodies, etc., the optimal need for working horses is on average 170-240 g, and the young woman has 180-280 g per 100 kg live mass.

The need for cage. Although the bulk of horse energy is derived from carbs, the need for light coals (gross and sugar) and fat is still needed.

Not normal. It's just a cage. However, the need for cage is minimal, as its excess reduces nutrient overfishing. The optimum dietary cage content shall not exceed 16 per cent of the dry feed. Adult workers ' optimum need is 400-480g, a young man has 450-480g per 100 kg live mass.

Demand for minerals. Mineral feed nutrients are characterized by micronutrients - calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, magnesium, etc. - and micronutrients - iron, copper, cobalt, zinc, manganese, iodine, etc.

Natri and chlorine. The main source is welded salt, with 39g sodium and 60g chlorine in 100 g. Adult horse requires salts for an average of 5 to 9 g, a young woman for 5 to 7 g, a sports horse during preparation and speech 12 g per 100 kg live mass.

Calcium and phosphorus. There is a lack of rapid exhaustion, reduction of work capacity and osteodystrophic diseases (drying of limbs, etc.). The effect of insufficient calcium and phosphorus diet is compounded by a violation of the conformity of these elements, which should be 1:0, 75. The need for calcium is for adult horses 4 to 12 g, for a young woman - 13 - 21 g; for adult phosphorus 3 - 9 g, for a young woman - 12 - 15 g per 100 kg live mass.

Magnium. In the absence of a horse, the horses become very inspired (especially sports). The need for magnificent is for adult horses - 2, 5-4 g, a young woman - 3-4 g per 100 kg live mass.

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