Четыре лошадки на поле

Horses And Humans

Фото... The design (prevent) is followed by a leak (estros) which lasts several hours, but usually between two and three days, during which healthy animals have a ripple of eggs and ovulation in the egg, making a pub prepared for evaporation and fertilization. Initial resistance during anticipation is gradually weakening, and by the start of the flow of the coba has clearly indicated its readiness to evaporate. She's getting up, kicking her legs wide and kicking her legs a little bit, kicking her tail a little bit, and her head and neck is inclined.

Through such a characteristic position, it draws attention to even a far-reaching child. Since the beginning of the flow, urination and specific slime have been increasing, especially strong and frequent " death " . " Mercenary " , which relates to conduct involving a violation of the exchange of substances, is now a signal of evaporation. The targeted frequency of " executions " together with the specific odour of slimy has a very strong inflammatory effect on all males of non-parano-proof.

Adult heads and ears also show a willingness to evaporate, but some young cows, who are rabid for the first time, are being replaced by childish expressions of patronage.

In normal horse families for many days, preparatory activities have led to the child ' s goal. During the predicament, it begins a more or less preparatory game by plucking the shoulder and lateral booths, sniffing the genitals and finally sniffing, with the penis completely out of the predicamental hole or partially retracting, then with the eroged penis, it makes the garden to complete the evaporation process. It covers the pubs in the front legs ahead of the femur in the faggot, the head of the stall is in the field of the shoulder and chole. The very temperamental braces, such as the German Rysak I know and the Asian Arabs, throughout the experience of the 15-second coitus (12-26) coitus do, at the same time, bite the pub in the griev area, behind the neck or shoulder leather.